Hospitality Perception is a company that specializes in hotel management, ultimately aiming to improve the overall quality of the tourism industry. We possess experience as well as insight in a variety of strategies regarding hotel management, investments, development, sales, HR, marketing, and consulting services.

On your path to success, we are the solution.


Hospitality Perception was founded in 2015, based on an idea revolving around a continuous and specialized training, for individuals involved in the tourism sector. Our goal is to comprehend the processes behind organizing and managing modern hotel businesses.


Our vision is to contribute to the development of the tourism product, through a proper management and education structure. Our operational approach is based on our fundamental principle. The secret ingredient for the long-term success of a business is to possess:

• satisfied, repeating customers

• satisfied staff

• healthy profit for the business


The founder of our company, Vaikos Kyriakos, is the one who identified the competitive route we should follow in order to establish our position globally.

With many years of experience under his belt, both as a general manager and trainer, he dedicated a total of 7 years to reach the point we are today.

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