About Us

It's all about perception...

Hospitality Perception is the first and only company in the world, that provides academic education and guidance to hotel owners in the era of modern Hospitality Management. The training is taking place at your hotel and after taking into account your current situation, we create a training plan which is tailor made just for you. The purpose of the training is to help you expand your knowledge, on modern ways of management with the latest technology tools.

After completing the training, we make sure to be by your side and guide you through all the stages, until we achieve the desired result together.

Opportunities Given



Discover the motivation within you and your partners that can help you build a successful business.



Our training will help you establish a vision that can reveal the right direction for your business. 



Create a strategy that is aligned with your vision and can help you grow your business.



Learning how to lead is crucial when it comes on giving the right direction to your partners and achieving your business goals.

I’m Vaikos Kyriakos.
I Help Hotel Owners Build Their Dreams.

Kiriakos Vaikos

The most important resource of learning, is having the ability to listen


Kyriakos Vaikos
Founder & General Manager
Hospitality Perception